Man Cave Rescue

Whangaparaoa makeover

Brief: I was contacted by a friend to help with making changes to his living space.
A “man-cave rescue” he called it. He wanted to be comfortable, not to feel cramped and be able to have a girl over. At a wee 40sqm, the one bedroom cabin was a rented accommodation which presented challenges on what changes I could make.

I decluttered and simplified the furniture layout where new pieces chosen played double duty. The couch was long and deep enough for him to stretch out fully and it doubled up as a bed for mates to crash for the night. The coffee table contained a deep drawer to hold remotes as well as be sturdy enough to have his feet crossed over it while watching TV and hold multiple pizzas.

Changing the colour palette from black to white instantly transformed the cabin into a bright sunny space.

Colour and pattern were introduced with feature floor rugs that covered a worn and outdated carpet, scatter cushions (it took some convincing for even just a few) for the bedroom and couch in the living room. Different feature rugs delineated the open plan space between the dining and the living spaces

Even on a limited budget, you can achieve significant change. The final result was light and airy with a dash of exotic which reflected his individuality more accurately. Mixed with all his musical instruments, add a bit of rock and roll glamour.

Before and After

A happy mistake

The Turkish rug purchased to cover the worn bedroom carpet did not fit so it ended up on the bedroom wall as artwork which looked fantastic.

An indulgence

A rather underwhelming office table purchased off Trademe was the perfect elliptical shape I was wanting. I vamped it up by getting the entire table resurfaced in a liquid metal coating of smoky bronze. It turned out to be beautiful and instantly became the conversation piece with every visitor!