Bethlehem Aribnb

Using biophilic design to create a place for your soul to be at home. 

Originally purchased as a project to renovate and sell, the owner fell in love with the property and decided to keep it and create a luxury Airbnb.

The house was very dated and the interiors felt disjointed due to having different additions built at different times. I was to modernize and update all interiors including the lighting, improve the flow and personalize the space with the owner’s sculptures and artwork.

The owner is a lover of nature and the natural world and so a biophilic aesthetic was introduced.  Biophilic design is an approach to architecture and design that seeks to connect you more closely to nature. Biophilic environments incorporate things like natural lighting and ventilation, natural landscape features and other elements for creating a more productive and healthy living space.

The focus is on texture and simplicity which brings a lot of soul to the home. A palette of earthy tones, the walls were lime washed and natural materials of wood, wool and linens were used. Luxury and comfort are created by using pieces that are unassuming and simple in form but made with quality. Antique's were mixed with modern pieces.  Indoor plants connect to the outdoors as well as acting as air purifiers. Sculptures and artwork take center stage and were placed in areas where they could be seen and admired.

Structurally, flow was improved by simplifying the floorplan: blocking off doorways and creating new pathways, squaring off odd angled rooms, removing extraneous and/or conflicting decorative elements and competing materials.

The final result is an oasis of calm allowing everything to breathe.

There are still unfinished rooms but there is no rush. This project is large and is a labour of love. In the meantime, creating space for pause and reflection about future changes can be played with. 

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Large luxury suite

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The "Warm & Cosy" with garden access

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The "Warm & Cosy" with ensuite and private patio

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