Experiental Interior Design   

"Our surroundings affect our emotional wellbeing"  

A new movement using interaction and emotional connections to shape the way we connect by focusing on human wellness and betterment.

The needs and wants of the client are placed first by understanding that every client is an individual who will interact with the environment in their own unique way, and to correctly interpret those needs in order to design a beautiful interior space personalized for them.

An experiential designer - not only problem solves practical design issues but will also design spaces which allow the client to feel emotionally connected to the space. Studies have shown that when you are emotionally connected to something, you become more engaged, increasing enjoyment and feelings of fulfilment due to authentically living your life amidst the things you value and cherish.

Individual needs - of clients are catered for in thoughtful and innovative ways. Spaces become personalized and unique. Working collaboratively with every client, it is about creating these spaces for you to live in and enjoy.

"wantem" to want or desire something

Mission Statement

Design interiors to help clients live a more deeply fulfilling and happy life.